Gaharu wood or its scientific name Aquilaria malaccensis is a kind of tree that grows in tropical forests including in West Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Gaharu, also known as agarwood and oud in English, is a plant that has been used by the world community since long ago. It is used as a fragrance material, traditional medicine and also used in religious ceremonies especially Buddhism and Hinduism. Usually gaharu is sold in pure oil or mixed as well as wood chip burned as a perfume. For the past 25 years, the use of essential oils has received the attention of some of the major brands of perfume in the West including Calvin Clein and Dior. Increasing demand every year led to the opening of the gaharu plantation in several countries including Malaysia. It indirectly opens up space for various parties to come up with more aloe-based products including cosmetics and skin care products. Among those who took the opportunity are brand new Swiss skin care products, Oud Essentials Sdn. Bhd. (Oud Essentials). Oud Essentials has recently launched four anti-aging products, all of which are based on woodwood. It consists of Oud Essentials Dual-Phase Oil, Oud Essentials Eye Serum, Oud Essentials Regenerating Serum and Oud Essentials Oud Blanc Lightening Cream. Interestingly, this product line is the first in the world to produce skincare products using gaharu oil.
examples of beauty products manufactured by Agarwood Global Venture company