Entrepreneur Program is a part of community program to offer. Its to develop entrepreneur skill for peoples looking the opportunities in business world.
With ranges of UOD Black Gharu product, there will explore the local and international market demand supported by AGVenture team. This program will connected and support by local government and private agencies too.
They will gain experience and develop their skill together with OUD Black Gharu brand and AGVenture company fowards their future.
The current global market for Oud Oil and other related Agarwood products is estimated to be in the range of US$ 6 to 8 billion and is growing  “rapidly” because of the deep cultural and releigious roots attached to Oud oil,sales remained strong during the recenteconomic turmoil that affected global markets. In AGVenture belive,the global industry continued to grow further driving demand for Agarwood products.