Gaharu also know as agarwood, aloeswood or eaglewood is the resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced by the Aquilaria or Karas tree.  The trees will have injection of inoculant to produce an aromatic resin in response to this attack.  As the infection grows, it results in very rich, dark resin within the heartwood.  The resin is commonly called gaharu, jinko, aloeswood or agarwood.  Agarwood trees are able to be harvested after 7 years of planting.  Inoculation process can be applied when the tree is 5 years old and it can produced excellent agarwood continuously over the 2 years.
Currently, with our strategically plantation partners have more then 100 hectares planted with Karas trees to product agarwood raw material and oil to support local and international market demand.  We believe another few years more, Malaysia will be gaharu world exporter like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam with better quality compare with others country.