Inspire From Nature is our concept to develop agarwood consumer product in Halal industries for local and international market. OUD Black Gharu is brand by AGventure, there is a few product ranges to offer such as Food & Beverage, Cosmetic & Skincare, Body Care, Essential Fragrance, Exclusive Corporate Gift and more.
Gaharu served as raw material for the production of many aromatic medicinal product, such stimulant, tonic and carminative medicine.  The essential oil extracted from the wood served as constituent of medicines for palpitation of the heart and other ills (Burkill, 1966). For example, in Japan, the “scented wood” has also long been used as incenses for stomachache remedy and sedatives of the Oriental medicine as well as used to anoint the dead (Okugawa, 1993).  In India, the essential oil extracted from the “scented wood” has been used in the production of perfuume and other new product such as gaharu essence, soap and shampoo.  In Malaysia, Gaharu continue to be highly demanded by the cosmetic, beverage and manufacturing industries and become trendy now days.